Notice of AGM 2017/2018 – 16 Sept 2017

Notice of AGM 2017/2018- 16 Sept 2017

This is to advise the Life Members and Ordinary Members of the Hindu Mandir Association of Queensland Inc. that the annual general meeting will be held at the Mandir complex, 46 Daymar St Burbank on Saturday, 16 September 2017 from 11:00am.

The following business will be transacted at the AGM as per the Association’s Rules:

  1. Receiving of the Management Committee’s Report and the Financial Statements;
  2. Receiving of the Auditor’s Report on the Financial Statements;
  3. Election of the members of the Management Committee; and
  4. Appointment of an auditor.

For the purpose of item 3 above, appropriate nomination form is attached. Please ensure that you only nominate members who are genuinely dedicated to provide their voluntary services. Nominations are required for the following nine positions:

  • President
  • Two Vice Presidents
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Four Members

Nominations for the above positions will close on Saturday, 2 September 2017 and should reach the Secretary at 46 Daymar Street mail box or Post Office Box 2211, Mansfield Delivery Centre, Mansfield 4122, by 5:00pm on that day.  Nominations received after the above time and date will not be considered.

  1.  HMA AGM Notice of AGM 2017-2018
  2. HMA AGM Proxy Form
  3. HMA AGM Nomination Form

Please note that in order to ensure that the election process on 16 September 2017 is carried out in a fair and transparent manner in accordance with the HMA Constitution, the Management Committee has asked Kamal Puri, Professor of Law, to be the Returning Officer who shall be responsible for the conduct of the election.


Soma Nair

Secretary HMA

Phone 0478 056 800

Email –


HMA New Management Committee Update

The following persons were elected to specific positions as the HMA’s new Management Committee for 2016-2017 on 7th August 2016.

HMA Executive Committee 2016-2017

This message legally announced by Kamal Puri (Returning Officer) in the presence of Patron, Jiwan Mohan Ji and respective other Life and Ordinary Members at the AGM.

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