Sunday Bhandara

The Sunday Bhandara program commenced some 5 years ago with two main objectives:

  1. Provision of once a week Satsangh for members and devotees.
  2. Giving members and devotees an opportunity to sponsor food, which fortunately, many are eager to do so. This obviously serves the dual purpose of meeting the wishes of devotees and also becomes a revenue source for our Mandir.

The current sponsorship rate is $550. This covers the following:

  • Cooking facilities such as gas, utensils, pots etc;
  • Serving facilities such as plates, cups, glasses, serviettes, bowls etc;
  • Ingredients for Mahaprasad;
  • As the number of devotees that participate in the Bhandara cannot be predicted, however provision is normally made for average devotees attending plus those personally invited by the sponsor.

Sponsors are expected to help in cooking, serving, cleaning and tidying up at the end of the programme.

Weekly Temple Events

The DARSHAN times at Shree Laxminarayan Mandir on Sundays is as follows:

Morning:   7.00 AM to 11.00 AM; and

Afternoon:   2.00 PM  to 8.00 PM

Please come on time so you can spiritually benefit from the full program.  The timetable for the Sunday Bhandara is as follows:

4:00 PM   –   Bhajan and Kirtan by Devotees

Download Roster:  Sunday Singing Groups 2014

5:00 PM   –   Discourse by Pundit Harihar Adhikari Shastri Ji

6:00 PM   –   Bhog Offering and Evening Aarti

6:30 PM   –   Announcements & Thanks Giving

6:45 PM   –    Prashadam (Pure Vegetarian)

8:00 PM  –   Temple Closed for Cleaning

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

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