Life Member

What is it and its benefit?

Simply, it is membership for life until death unless removed for any other reason as per HMA constitution and / or rules made thereunder. It entitles a member to a voting right at an Annual General Meeting or any Special General meeting. It also enables a member to be elected to the management committee.

How to become one?

Just ask any executive member, complete a Life Membership Form at the first opportunity and pay the requisite fee (see below) applicable at the time.  Admission to membership is subject to management committee approval.

The current fee

Effective 1 July 2011, the Life Membership fee  is $1500. Please take advantage of the same  to become a life member.

If not already a Life Member, please consider becoming one by taking advantage of progress payment of $375 per quarter to reach $1500.00 within a financial year.  Also impart the value of this contribution to friends and other family members, so they may also consider becoming part of the great dreams. Remember, this is your Mandir, a public one – where you have your say.

Members List 1: HMA All Life Members as at 30 June 2011; and

Members List 2: HMA Life Members for Financial Year 2011-2012

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